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What kind of translation do you need?



Simple translations are those in which the language is not very technical or specialised, such as letters, information brochures, tourism translations, corporate presentations, etc.



Technical translations, as the name suggests, are those in which the translated text is a specialised text in a specific sector, where there are many technicalities typical of a specific sector. They are normally translations within a specific industry, such as, for example, mechanics, robotics, medicine, architecture, engineering, construction, etc.



Sworn translation is a translation completed by a translator accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MAEC). This type of translation, which must always be done physically on paper, must be done and stamped by a sworn translator. The seal of the sworn translator gives legal validity to the translated document, attesting that what has been translated is a faithful and complete translation of the original document.

The advantage of having a Project Manager

At Eikatrad, we assign a Project Manager for each customer, thus making the negotiation and communication more personalised and ensuring the preferences for and specific needs of each project are fulfilled: 

  • Analyse and send quotes.

  • Coordinate the team.

  • Review the quality of the translation.

  • Check the formatting.

  • Ensure agreed deadlines are met.

We are also specialists in



We have native interpreters, experienced in different sectors. We have experience in meetings, conferences, personalised accompaniment, etc. We also have sworn interpreters, specialised in any type of legal interpretation, either within the scope of business (agreements, contracts, etc.) or judicial (litigation, arbitration, judicial interviews, etc…).



We are experts in the proofreading of all types of documents, web pages, catalogues, etc. We correct any language and adapt any text so that the final result is the perfect one for the destination country for which the documentation is intended. Sometimes, it is not only a grammatical correction that is needed, but also a style correction that make the texts have the correct meaning for the end user.


Audio transcription

Do you have any video or audio that needs to be transcribed to an editable document? At Eikatrad, we have specialised personnel and programs for the transcription of any type of video or audio file.
We can also subtitle videos in the languages you need, as well as carry out dubbing in any language.

At Eikatrad we do not just translate, we communicate!

At Eikatrad we do not just translate, we communicate!


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